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What Should A Teacher Take On A School Trip?

As the experts in school trip organisation, our team at Next Generation Travel has put together a full list of things to bring on a field trip.

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What Are The Benefits of MFL Trips to Europe?
Subjects, Group leader support • 8 Mins Read

Learn about the top benefits of European Study Tours for Language students. From embracing the local culture to improving language skills. Read more here!

A School Trip to the City of Seville
Destinations, Customer Experiences, Trip Inspiration, Trip Planning • 4 Mins Read

Get a first hand account of the sights and experiences of a WST school trip to Seville, Spain with St George's School Edgbaston. Read more here.

Rediscovering Rhineland for German Language School Groups
Destinations, Trip Inspiration • 8 Mins Read

Looking for a fantastic German language school trip? Although many teachers overlook this stunning region, Rhineland boasts numerous learning opportunities.

10 Unknown Facts about London West End Theatre
Destinations, Trip Inspiration • 5 Mins Read

Think you knew all about London West End Theatre? Read our WST 10 unknown facts about London West End theatre now!

New Details Revealed - UK Football Festival 2024
Latest News, Events • 5 Mins Read

We're excited to share new details about our exclusive 3-Day Football Festival in partnership with Aston Villa Foundation, taking place May 2024!

What Are The Best Places to Visit on a School Trip to Rome?
Destinations, Trip Inspiration, Trip Planning • 4 Mins Read

Rome wasn't built in a day and certainly can't be seen in a day. Discover what magnificent sights are a must see on your school trip to Italy with WST Travel.

Spanish Masterclass: How to inspire your students
Group leader support, Learning Outcomes • 4 Mins Read

In this blog post, we have listed ideas for potential resources to inspire Spanish language students. View now!

Question Time with a Busy Educational Visits Co-ordinator
Customer Experiences, Trip Planning • 8 Mins Read

Find out just what it takes to be an Educational Visits Coordinator with the fantastic Q&A by WST Travel and The Blue Coat School. Read more here.

Alternative destinations for French language Trips
Destinations, Trip Inspiration, Subjects • 3 Mins Read

Go further afield on your French school trip, with destinations such as Geneva and Loire Valley. Explore alternative French language trips today!

How Do We Deal With The Unexpected?
Group leader support, Trip Planning • 5 Mins Read

With the extensive school travel industry experience of our WST Travel team, we're able to deal with the unexpected! Find out how here today.

What Are The Best Free Things to Do in Barcelona?
Destinations, Trip Inspiration • 7 Mins Read

Barcelona is a must-visit for any school trip, but if you’re struggling to find free activities, then read our WST list of free things to do here!

How a School Trip to New York Taught me to be Independent
Destinations, Customer Experiences, Trip Inspiration • 7 Mins Read

Becoming independent. Gaining confidence. Broadening horizons. Find out how a school trip to New York benefited these students beyond their studies.

St Aloysius College's History School Trips
Destinations, Customer Experiences, Trip Inspiration • 4 Mins Read

Find out how St Aloysius College have travelled the globe on their history school & sixth form trips. From the WW1 battlefields to New York and Washington.

5 Free WW1 Resources for History Teachers
Destinations, Group leader support, Subjects • 6 Mins Read

Looking for best online resources that could help bring History school lessons to life? Take a look at these 5 free resources we have compiled here!

7 AI Tools To Enhance The Potential For Learning
Latest News • 8 Mins Read

It’s undeniable that AI is already a powerful tool, but what place does AI have in the education sector and as a teaching aid?

Best Things to Do on a School Trip to Disneyland Paris
Trip Inspiration, Trip Planning • 4 Mins Read

Find out which are the top Disneyland Paris attractions for your school trip. Read WST's handy guide so you don't miss out!

Homewood School visit to Amsterdam
Destinations, Group leader support, Customer Experiences, Trip Inspiration • 5 Mins Read

Read Homewood School's first hand account of their art and design school trip to the Dutch capital of Amsterdam, with WST Travel.

Plan your Business Studies Trip to NYC
Destinations, Subjects, Trip Inspiration • 5 Mins Read

Take your business studies and economics class on a WST school trip to the beating heart of New York, where they will learn experiences of a life time!

Why Visit Edinburgh On a School Trip?
Destinations, Customer Experiences, Trip Inspiration • 8 Mins Read

Find out why Orrell Newfold Primary School changed their usual London school trip to the Scottish capital instead. Read their first hand account here.

Top 3 Unmissable Experiences at Aston Villa’s Football Festival in 2024
Events, Trip Inspiration • 5 Mins Read

Your young footballers can enjoy behind the scenes access, coaching sessions & a competitive tournament with Aston Villa Foundation