01 September 2022 • 3 Mins Read

What Should A Teacher Take On A School Trip?

So, you’re heading out on a school trip soon. Whether it’s your first trip as a teacher or your 50th, you’re likely to be experiencing the same sense of panic about packing for the trip.

How will you keep all those students entertained on a long journey? What if the first aid kit runs out? And that’s before you’ve even thought about what you’ll need to pack for yourself…

As the experts in school trip organisation, the team at Next Generation Travel has put together a full list of things to bring on a field trip – so you can relax and enjoy the experience too!

What to take on a school trip as a teacher

  • A first aid kit
    We’ve already mentioned it, and it’s an important one. A well-stocked first aid kit is a school trip essential for every teacher. The NHS has shared the basic items a first aid kit should contain – from plasters in every size to bandages and safety pins.
  • A list of important numbers
    Whether it’s the phone numbers of your colleagues on the trip, local emergency services, or the contact details for your accommodation, having a list of all the most important numbers will help you feel prepared for any situation.
  • Emergency water
    Fingers crossed your trip will go off without a hitch, but if you find yourself broken down on the journey, an emergency case of water will keep you and your students safely hydrated.
  • Comfortable shoes
    No matter where you’re heading on your trip, you’re likely to be doing a lot of walking. That’s why one of our absolute essential things to take on a school trip is a pair of comfortable shoes. Your feet will thank you later!
  • Something to identify your group
    You may not be the only group heading to your destination, so one of our top tips is to bring something for your group to wear or attach to themselves to become easily identifiable in a crowd. This could be a brightly coloured hat, or even a piece of ribbon to tie to everyone’s bags.
  • A notebook
    Having somewhere to scribble down notes is always handy. Maybe you spot something you want to quiz your students on later, or a local gives you a recommendation for a landmark you can visit on the trip. This will also help you preserve that precious phone battery.
  • Bin bags!
    Let’s face it, a group of students can make a lot of mess. That’s why bringing plenty of bin bags is always a good idea to keep things clean and tidy throughout the trip.

We hope these tips have helped you decide exactly what to pack for a school trip, and made you feel that little bit more prepared for the adventure ahead.

For even more peace of mind, we’ve created A Guide to Risk Assessment for teachers - covering emergency procedures and advice for specific situations - as well as an Essential Document Checklist and final Before you Go Checklist.

Simply download the documents to help with the rest of your tour planning – and if you’re heading abroad, remember those passports!