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D-Day 80th Anniversary Teaching Resources

In 2024, the UK will commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Normandy D-Day Landings on 6 June 1944, with a series of events taking place across the UK and France.

The D-Day landings were the largest seaborne invasion in history and along with associated airborne operations, it marked the start of the liberation of France and western Europe.

For school students, understanding the significance of D-Day, particularly on its 80th anniversary, can include tailored educational activities, exploring personal stories, participating in commemoration and remembrance events, and planning your next fully guided history tour to Normandy.

Take a look below for teaching resources, events, and information for engaging and informative learning around the D-Day 80 commemorations.

Online resources

The Royal British Legion

Website: Resources for members and supporters | Remembrance | RBL (britishlegion.org.uk)

Resources: Guides, posters, and resources created to help you spread the message of Remembrance to people across the community.

British Normandy Memorial

Website: D-Day 80: Education Pack – British Normandy Memorial

Resources: Education pack commissioned by the Normandy Memorial Trust and developed in partnership with the British Council and GCHQ. It contains information and resources to help pupils in both the UK and France develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of key historical events and their impact on the people and places involved in D-Day.

BBC History

Website: D-Day: 80th anniversary - Teaching Resources - BBC Teach

Resources: Features detailed articles, eyewitness accounts, and video documentaries about D-Day. The BBC’s educational materials include timelines, maps, and multimedia resources.

History Channel

Website: D-Day - Normandy Invasion, Facts & Significance | HISTORY

Resources: Includes videos, articles, and interactive content about D-Day. There are also teaching guides and classroom activities.

Documentaries and films

D-Day 360 (2014)

Description: A National Geographic documentary that uses CGI and real-world data to recreate the events of D-Day. It's a great visual aid for understanding the logistics and scale of the invasion.

The Longest Day (1962)

Description: Known for its historical accuracy, it depicts the events from both the Allied and German perspectives, making it a comprehensive overview of the invasion.

D-Day: The Price of Freedom (1994)

This documentary includes firsthand accounts from veterans who participated in the D-Day invasion. Personal stories and reflections provide a human touch, making the historical events more relatable.

Interactive resources and activities

Google Earth - D-Day Tours

Resource: Google Earth

Description: Take advantage of interactive maps for a virtual tour of the Normandy beaches and key locations from the invasion. Students can explore the geography of D-Day in an immersive way.

Resource: D-Day on your doorstep

Website: D-Day on your doorstep – The D-Day Story, Portsmouth (theddaystory.com)

Description: Discover the places connected to D-Day using this interactive map.


Resource: History Channel Timeline

Website: D-Day: A detailed timeline of events | Sky HISTORY TV Channel

Description: Allows students to explore the events of D-Day chronologically and geographically.

Resource: D-Day - Timeline of Key Events Poster

Website: D-Day - Timeline of Key Events (teacher made) - Twinkl

Description: This D-Day timeline is a great resource for display. Printed over three A4 sheets to form one large display banner, it contains everything you need to know about the D-Day landings and Operation Overlord.

Exhibitions and events

Legacies of D-Day exhibition, France and UK

Date: From 6 June 2024

Location: British Normandy Memorial, France and National Memorial Arboretum, UK

Description: Legacies of D-Day will be on display at the site of the British Normandy Memorial in France and the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire from 6 June. A preview of the exhibition will also be available on their website from 13 May.

The Legacy of Liberation Events

Location: Various locations

Website: https://www.cwgc.org/liberation/liberation-80-events/

Description: Events to pay tribute to those who did not survive D-Day and the Battle of Normandy.

D-Day 80th Anniversary Events in the UK

Location: Various locations across the UK

Website: D-Day 80th anniversary events UK | The Gazette

Description: Some of the biggest events in the UK to mark the 80th anniversary of the Normandy landings.

Take your students to Normandy

Experiencing the sites where the D-Day invasion took place will bring these historical events to life in new and compelling ways for your students. From walking the beaches and terrain where military strategies were employed, to witnessing the scale of the cemeteries and memorials and visiting fascinating museums and exhibits.

Our expert guides provide personal stories of soldiers on the ground, providing impactful narratives that will foster a deeper emotional connection to the events and the people involved.

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We’ll provide in-depth explanations, answer questions, and offer insights that go beyond classroom learning. Our guides will help students understand the significance of the invasion in the broader context of World War II, with clear curricular links for GCSE and A-Level students.

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