27 March 2024 • 5 Mins Read

Caterham Prep School Trip to France

Caterham Prep School wanted to share with us their experiences from their day trip to France. Keep reading to find out what they got up to on their fun filled trip!

Everything went to plan

This was clearly evident as the day in France progressed. Despite a very early start, our day could not have run more smoothly from perfect weather to fantastic team work and excellent planning all round. We had friendly yet responsible coach drivers who took great care in delivering us to our destinations on time.

The local food was a huge success!

First stop was a packed breakfast of croissants whilst waiting to board The Eurotunnel. Just 35 minutes later we were in France on our way to a French market. Each group worked together to decide which products to purchase for lunch and then took turns buying a range of delicious, fresh food to eat for lunch.

It was quite difficult to persuade the children not to eat any of their food products before arriving at Nausicaa, an aquarium that is designed to make people more aware of the need to manage the Oceans in a sustainable way.

Shrieks of delight were heard as the children devoured their lunch and stretched their legs in the park outside Nausicaa. Many commented that they “had never tasted suchhhh delicious fresh food before!” With full stomachs and happy hearts the children bounded into the aquarium and spent a very enjoyable 2 hours learning about and seeing many different types of sea animals and fish.

One of the highlights was a short 4D movie in French

One of the best moments was watching a short 4D movie en français (with English subtitles) whilst being rained upon and having the wind blowing in our faces, whilst wearing 3D glasses. Many children were able to recognise the names of the animals from the French labels.

More time to practice French speaking

A quick trip to the shop to purchase a gift to take home, enabled the children to practise their French speaking even further before jumping back onto the coach to go to a bakery. Once inside the bakery the children were shown how traditional French bread was baked in an oven that was fuelled by dry and aromatic wood to enhance the flavour of the bread.

The students can now recite the ingredients for croissants

The students learnt about the differences between a local, artisan bakery and a larger bakery that produces bread in electric ovens. Learning how to make croissants was the final part of the day but a part that the children will remember for a very long time to come. Every child who went on the trip is now able to recite the ingredients required for croissants en français and has practised rolling the pastry into the correct shape.

Happy children head back to Caterham

A coach load of tired children wound its way back to Caterham Prep School safely and soundly after an extremely enjoyable day. Many thanks to all the children, who behaved beautifully, all the staff who accompanied the children and to the many organisers of the trip behind the scenes. I think it would be fair to say that the children perceived the world from a different perspective that day.

Find out what other day trips are available

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