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What Should A Teacher Take On A School Trip?

As the experts in school trip organisation, our team at Next Generation Travel has put together a full list of things to bring on a field trip.

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St Edmund Arrowsmith School's Trip to Krakow
Destinations, Customer Experiences, Trip Inspiration, Trip Planning, Case Studies • 4 Mins Read

Having studied the Holocaust in class, find out how St Edmund Arrowsmith school learnt even more on their History School Trip to Krakow. Read more here!

Caterham Prep School Trip to France
Customer Experiences, Trip Inspiration, Destinations, Case Studies • 5 Mins Read

Caterham Prep School wanted to share their experiences on their enriching school trip to France. Learn all about their adventure with WST Travel here.

Everything you need to know ahead of a school trip to Disneyland® Paris
Destinations, Trip Inspiration • 3 Mins Read

Disneyland® Paris school trips are a magical learning opportunity for students of all ages. Find out all you need to know ahead of your trip.

Everything You Need to Know Ahead of a School Trip to CERN
Destinations, Trip Inspiration • 2 Mins Read

Thinking of planning a school trip to CERN? Find out how to make the most out of your trip with information about accommodation, activities, and more.

Wimbledon School Trips: A Complete Guide
Events, Trip Inspiration, Trip Planning, Destinations • 3 Mins Read

Planning a school trip to Wimbledon? Learn everything you need to know about making the most of your trip with Sport Experiences.

London school trip guide
Destinations, Trip Inspiration, Trip Planning • 2 Mins Read

Here is a handy guide to help you plan your school trip to London. From travel to accommodation, food, and attractions, we’ve got you covered.

Are You Really Getting a Like-for-Like Quotation When Planning Your School Trip?
Trip Planning • 3 Mins Read

Take a look at our handy comparison chart, so you know what to look out for and what to ask when you’re shopping around.

A Hope-Driven Approach To Learning About Sustainability
Destinations, Trip Inspiration, Trip Planning • 6 Mins Read

More needs to be done to prioritise effective climate education that helps young people to feel empowered and motivated to incite and influence positive change inside and outside of school. Read for more about our hope-driven approach to learning about sustainability.

How Educational Travel Can Help Your Students Develop Confidence And Character
Customer Experiences, Learning Outcomes, Trip Inspiration • 8 Mins Read

Our educational trips provide unique opportunities to practice key life skills independently in the real world, providing rich and memorable experiences that influence students' lives in the long term. Keep reading to find out more.

Student attainment and Ofsted
Learning Outcomes, Trip Planning, Group leader support • 3 Mins Read

Learn how school trips can improve Ofsted ratings and student attainment.

What to Expect from a Fully Guided Normandy D-Day Battlefield Tour
Destinations, Learning Outcomes, Trip Inspiration • 6 Mins Read

Find out what to expect from a fully guided D-Day Normandy trip with Anglia Tours.

D-Day 80th Anniversary Teaching Resources
Learning Outcomes, Latest News • 6 Mins Read

Find teaching resources, events, and information for engaging and informative learning around the D-Day 80 commemorations this June.

Boost Your Students’ Life Skills And Personal Development
Customer Experiences, Learning Outcomes, Trip Inspiration • 5 Mins Read

Educational travel helps equip students with essential life skills, an important part of their development and education. Find out how here.

Meet the Professionals: Professionals from Disneyland®Paris recently filmed their profiles for the next Study Experiences seminars.

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“It was just made so easy” - Woodlands School chat about our Disneyland Paris Netball Festival
Case Studies, Customer Experiences • 8 Mins Read

We spoke to Woodlands School about their experience at Disneyland Paris Netball Festival. Keep reading to find out more.

A Guide to Airline Baggage Allowance with UK Airlines
Customer Experiences, Group leader support, Trip Planning • 3 Mins Read

When it comes to flying understanding baggage allowance is essential for a hassle-free journey. Here's our guide to how plan your packing wisely.

How Shiplake College fell in love with our Disneyland® Paris Netball Festival
Destinations, Case Studies, Customer Experiences, Trip Inspiration • 3 Mins Read

Shiplake College spoke to us about taking a netball tour for the first time

Memorable Experiences At Disneyland® Paris
Destinations, Trip Inspiration • 8 Mins Read

Whether you’re attending our educational seminars or our fun-packed netball festivals, you can be sure that a trip to Disneyland® Paris will provide a memorable experience that your group will remember for years to come.

Top Moments From Our Disneyland Paris Netball Festival with Elite Netball
Destinations, Case Studies, Events, Trip Inspiration • 6 Mins Read

In partnership with Elite Netball Academy, this year’s April Festival was bigger and better than ever – with countless memorable moments captured throughout the event. Take a look at some of our favourite moments.

Benefits Of A School Trip To France
Destinations, Trip Inspiration, Subjects • 6 Mins Read

Whether you’re ready to say ‘Oui’ to your next French Language trip to France, or interested in focusing on another subject area in this iconic European destination, keep reading for more reasons to visit France on your next school trip.