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School Trips to London: Everything You Need to Know

We’ve put together this handy guide to help you plan your school trip to London. From travel to accommodation, food, and attractions, we’ve got you covered.

London is a bustling hub of knowledge and experience, making it the perfect school trip destination for students of all ages and backgrounds. But, with so much to see and do, planning a school trip to London can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you plan your school trip to London. From travel to accommodation, food, and attractions, we’ve got you covered.

Travel to and around London

Getting to London is the first hurdle to overcome when setting off on your school trip. And, figuring out how to get from place to place once in London is just as important. Planning all of this in advance will make for a seamless, stress-free experience for you and your students.


How to travel to London

How you travel to London will likely depend on how far away you are coming from and how big your group is. Travel by coach is a great option if you have a good sized group, but if you're numbers are smaller, it could be more economical to travel by train. Maximising time is important, especially if you’re only taking a day trip to London, so itineraries are usually based on an early departure and late arrival to enable you to make the most of every day. It may be a little tiring but you can snooze on the journey!  

If you do choose to travel to London by train, there are transport links from almost every part of the country. You may find that with your regional train line, you can get a discount when travelling in a large group.

How to travel around London

Travelling around London once you’re there can be easy and convenient with their efficient and reliable public transport network. This includes the London Underground (Tube), buses, trains, and riverboats. The Tube is often the quickest way to travel, while buses offer a more scenic route. Public transport can, however, be tricky with a large number of students, or if your students are younger and in need of closer supervision.

Another option to get you around London would be utilising the coach  that got you there. This is an easy way to keep track of your students, although you may spend a bit more time navigating busy London traffic, especially at peak times.

We highly recommend, if your itinerary will allow it getting to and from some of your visits on foot if they are close by, you may get there quicker and its a great way to see the city. 

Where to go for food in London

Finding food options that cater to the tastes, dietary requirements, and budgets of a school trip can be challenging, but London has an extensive offering of student-friendly dining spots. Borough Market is a great destination for trying diverse and fresh street food and is close to popular school trip destinations, such as Shakespeare’s Globe. Covent Garden, situated close to some of London’s famous theatres, provides a range of eateries suitable for groups, from casual cafes to more substantial meal options.

Other top food spots that may be more suitable for an older group of students include:

  • Brick Lane: Known for its affordable and delicious curry houses, but can get very busy during peak times
  • Camden Market: Another spot that can get crowded, but serves a variety of international street food catering to all dietary requirements.
  • Southbank: For restaurant dining with scenic views of the Thames

What can you expect to pay for dining in London

Dining costs in London vary widely. Budget meals at fast food chains, cafes, and street vendors typically range from £5-£15 per person. Mid-range restaurants can cost between £20-£40 per person, while fine dining and high-end establishments can exceed £50 per person.

While it’s possible to arrange your own dining plans, we also offer packed lunches and pre-booked restaurant meals for your convenience.

Packed lunches for your school trip

As an alternative to dining out, we can organise packed lunches for your school group, to be delivered to your accommodation.

Pre-booked and pre-paid restaurant dining

We also pre-book and pre-pay for restaurant meals for our groups if they wish to do so. Our most popular restaurants are Café Rouge, Bella Italia, Pizza Express and Byron Burgers.

School trip accommodation in London

If you’re looking to extend your school trip beyond a single day, London offers various accommodation options. A great option for school groups is the Premier Inn hotel chain. They are at various locations around the city, both central and and on the outskirts. Understandably, a Premier Inn located on the outskirts is going to be cheaper than one in the centre of London, so we work to your budget. 

NGT has a Gold Partnership with Premier Inn, meaning we have access to the best availability at the best group prices. You can save money and time when we assist in booking your school trip to London.

5 school trip activities in London you won’t want to miss


London boasts countless learning opportunities, exciting activities, and unmissable attractions. It would be impossible to fit them all into one trip. But, there are a few stand-out experiences that your students will walk away from feeling inspired, educated, and ready to continue their learning journey:

A school trip to London doesn’t have to be an expensive experience. Many of the above activities, including galleries and museums, are free to the public, and there are countless other minimal-cost and free experiences to discover.

Thinking of taking a drama trip to the West End, or simply looking for an unforgettable way to end your school trip to London for any subject? As a Disney On Stage premier partner, NGT has access to some of the best offers on Disney shows, including The Lion King and Frozen!

How to see more of London in a short time

Make the most of your time in London and fit in as many attractions as possible by making smart transport decisions. Rather than just going from point A to B, why not turn the journey into an experience of its own?

Take a trip on the London Eye, take a Thames River Cruise to get to your next destination, or have a Blue Badge Guide on board your coach (or walking with you) as you make your way across the city.

You could even take a themed walking tour — the Jack The Ripper Walking Tour in East London is especially popular, or a business and finance walking tour for Business Studies students.

Ready to get planning your London school trip?

With all of the information needed to get planning, why not get in touch for a quote on your next school trip to London? At NGT, we aim to make booking a school trip as simple and seamless as possible and tailor each trip to your needs. From one-day to multi-day trips, London remains one of the top school trip destinations no matter the subject, and we’re here to help you make the most out of your school trip to London.

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