10 January 2024 • 5 Mins Read

New Details Revealed - UK Football Festival 2024

We're excited to share new details about our exclusive 3-Day Football Festival in partnership with Aston Villa Foundation, taking place between Friday 24th May - Sunday 26th May 2024!

We’re now able to share more information about one of the practical sessions included in your trip, giving you a taste of the type of activities and challenges that teams and clubs will experience during the festival.

All the practical sessions below have been designed with a specific learning objective in mind – to enable players to use different parts of the feet to control and stay on the ball.

Practical session activities and challenges

  1. Set up & Ball Mastery

In a 20x20 square, there will be different gates for players to dribble the ball through whilst performing different skills/turns. The coach will ask players to come up with new skills and demonstrate in front of everyone.

  1. Football Focus

Identify 2/3 players to become taggers (hold bib in hand and throw the bib at players’ feet to try and hit the ball). Players will have the opportunity to use different skills and turns, from warm up to HIDE the ball, TURN in a different directions and ESCAPE (The coach is to reinforce the 3x words for the session throughout the practice).

  1. Progressions

P1 – players to dribble through X number of gates and score (semi - opposed).

P2 – taggers will steal the ball and try and score in any of the goals.

P3 – steal the ball & dribble through gates to unlock any goals and then score.

  1. Small Sided Games

Set up more mini matches of 2v2 / 3v3 to provide more opportunities for players to HIDE the ball, TURN with the ball and ESCAPE to dribble towards the opposite goal.

  1. Challenges

Link all challenges to main topic and 3x words (e.g team in possession to stay on the ball and dribble in final third and score; equals x2 goals. Ensuring that you adapt terminology to suit all age groups – e.g use colours instead of thirds.

More details about the festival

The festival is available to boys and girls teams of all levels ages U12 and U15, and includes access to Aston Villa’s new inner city Academy facility at Brookvale, located just a stone’s throw from Villa Park. The exciting weekend of football includes coaching sessions, a behind-the-scenes tour, a competitive tournament, plus much more.

The festival has limited places, so if you want your team to find out what life is like at a Premier League Football Club from £299pp, don’t delay getting in touch to find out more or request a quote