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Memorable Experiences At Disneyland® Paris

Whether you’re attending our educational seminars or our fun-packed netball festivals, you can be sure that a trip to Disneyland® Paris will provide a memorable experience that your group will remember for years to come.

This is because a trip to Disneyland® Paris is so much more than just a theme park experience. The park is renowned for its immersive storytelling, narrative, and magical atmosphere, which transports visitors to different worlds and allows them to become part of their favourite Disney stories.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Disneyland® Paris, why not take a look at some of the most memorable rides and experiences below for inspiration!


Memorable Rides & Attractions

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain

Blast off and do battle with the evil Empire in this epic takeover of a classic Disney attraction. After enlisting in the Rebel Alliance, you’ll attend a briefing from Admiral Ackbar. Your mission: pilot a reconnaissance vessel and spy on an Imperial Star Destroyer. But it’s a trap! It’s down to you and your X-wing escort to blast through a swarm of deadly TIE fighters and blow up a menacing Star Destroyer. Will the Force be strong with you?

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Big Thunder Mountain

Situated in Frontierland, this Wild West-themed ride is set in an old American Southwest mining town during the 19th century. Centred around the story of a haunted gold mine, you will board a runaway mine train to experience thrilling twists and turns across the rocky landscape, providing a stimulating experience for riders of all ages.

Perhaps one of the biggest highlights of the ride is the climactic sequence where trains race through several caverns and tunnels, offering a thrilling experience for all those aboard. If you get the opportunity, why not take on the ride at night when the ride is illuminated to create a more unique and dramatic atmosphere.


Phantom Manor

Take a spooky tour through a haunted house at Phantom Manor, an iconic dark-ride attraction located in Frontierland. Featuring gothic architecture, the outside mansion building is spooky and atmospheric. Perfect for anyone looking for an adventure that will provide an eerie and enchanting experience, the elaborately themed scenes feature audio-animatronic figures and superb special effects.

While the attraction has a spooky theme, it is suitable for all ages. The ride's dark and mysterious atmosphere is more thrilling than frightening, meaning it’s ideal for anyone looking for a spooky adventure without the scares.

In 2019, the ride underwent a major refurbishment, where multiple scenes were updated and enhanced. The attraction's storyline and narrative elements were also improved to provide guests with an even more immersive and captivating experience.


The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Brave the creepy faded glamour of the infamous Hollywood Tower Hotel for a jolt back in time. Board a phantom elevator, shoot up 13 floors and brace yourself for a thrilling plummet… but beware!

The experience just got scarier. You rocket back up, only to plummet down yet again. You dare to ride once more, but wait! That's not what happened before. That's right—now the Tower is in control. Drop in if you dare! Will you make it back to the real world... or will you become a permanent resident of the Twilight Zone?

©Disney The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™ is inspired by The Twilight Zone® a registered trademark of CBS, Inc and is used pursuant to a license from CBS, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Memorable Experiences

Disney Illuminations

Gaze spellbound at Sleeping Beauty Castle as Mickey leads a dazzling display of fireworks, lasers, and huge projections. Disney stories classic and new are brought to life before your eyes, with tales from Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Star Wars, and more. The perfect end to a perfect day at Disneyland® Park.


Disney Stars on Parade

The streets of Main Street, U.S.A.® sparkle with this unmissable delight running daily in Disneyland® Park. Discover eight spellbinding universes as they glide  past in colourful costumes—every element of an enchanting Disney story is here.

Beware the fire-breathing dragon. Look out for Peter Pan duelling Captain Hook. Sing and dance with the Lion King and Jungle Book. And keep your eyes peeled for the Toy Story gang, Disney Princes and Princesses, and a flurry of Frozen fun.


Disneyland Railroad

The Disneyland Railroad is a classic attraction that takes guests on a scenic tour around Disneyland Park aboard an authentic steam-powered train.

You could take a scenic tour around Disneyland Park, passing through a circular route through various themed lands and offering picturesque views along the way.


Tasty Snacks & Treats

During the day, you can refuel at one of many themed restaurants or grab a quick bite from one of the many smaller eateries around the park. Make sure to try some classic Disney snacks like Mickey-shaped ice cream bars or churros.


Meet & Greet Disney® Characters

Meet and greet characters around the park for photographs, autographs, and magical moments. Disneyland Paris has a wide variety of Disney characters for meet and greets, including classic characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy, as well as newer characters from films like Frozen, Moana, and Toy Story.

Meeting Disney characters provides visitors with the opportunity to take photos and capture special moments with their favourite characters, which can become cherished souvenirs of their visit to Disneyland Paris for years to come.


Disney Village

Visit the Disney Village for a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment. The district is adjacent to the parks, featuring a diverse collection of food outlets, a cinema, and live entertainment.

Disney Village is a shopper's paradise, with a selection of shops offering a range of Disney merchandise, souvenirs, and gifts. Whether you're looking for plush toys, apparel, or accessories, you'll find plenty of collectibles to cherish and take home!


Take me to Disneyland Paris!

Taking a trip to Disneyland Paris is always a memorable experience because it offers a perfect blend of thrills, entertainment, and nostalgia, making for a uniquely magical atmosphere.

If you want to plan a trip for your school group or netball team that they’ll never forget, this is the ultimate location to tick off your list – plus with close proximity to the UK, France is a convenient and accessible destination too.

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