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The most magical way to learn

A truly enchanting experience, Educational Seminars at Disneyland® Paris add a sprinkling of something special to traditional school trips. From exclusive backstage access and subject-specific workshops, to Disney® Park Passes for pupils, inspiring itineraries from Study Experiences are packed with a whole host of magical learning opportunities.

Why take an educational visit to Disneyland® Paris

Visiting Disneyland® Paris is like stepping into a story book. There's an enchanted castle, charming cobbled streets, and exhilarating rides. But behind the scenes, another exciting opportunity awaits. 

Taking your students on an educational visit to Disneyland® Paris presents a learning experience like no other.  From enlightening seminars for a range of subjects, to daily Park Passes for your entire group, a school trip to this iconic location ensures memories to last a lifetime. 

Our team can talk to you about adding on meal package with a wide variety of restaurants in the Disney® Parks or Disney Village®

Learning at Disneyland® Paris

At Study Experiences, we make sure that various areas of curriculum are explored throughout a trip to Disneyland® Paris.

Through subject-specific seminars, and exclusive backstage access, students will come away from their time at Disneyland® Paris feeling inspired, and having had an enlightening learning experience.

Whether that’s learning about the construction of a roller coaster, or seeing the behind the scenes workings of this multi-million euro business, we take care to ensure that each part of your itinerary is well-planned.

Plus, they will return with a fascinating case study to aid them during upcoming examinations. 

Making time for fun

Each Disneyland® Paris school trip also includes time to have fun in the Disney® Parks themselves. So, after learning about their chosen subject in the classroom, students will get the opportunity to experience the Disney® Parks too. 

Although most tour operators choose hotels far away from the Disney® Parks, when you book with Study Experiences, we can arrange for you to stay close to the action.

As a Disney preferred partner, we have access to carefully chosen Disney® Hotels that are all close to the Disney® Parks – and each offers an entirely unique stay that students can treasure.

Choose to stay in the Wild West themed Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, or the mountain-retreat style Disney’s Sequoia Lodge. Alternatively, B&B Hotel offers peaceful rooms within a short distance to the Disney® Parks.

Earth Summit 2024

Looking for something closer to home to suit a smaller budget? Try our Earth Summit 2024 event.

This is a 2 day Climate Change event where STEM and Geography students will have access to presentations and workshops with experts and industries involved in making positive changes in climate change.

Not only does this conference hit a number of Gatsby benchmarks for STEM and Geography GCSE and A Level to support your learning back in the classroom, it will give them ideas for future careers and you'll stay on the Keele University campus, where you're students can sample university life for the first time . 

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