25 November 2021 • 4 Mins Read

Free History Teaching Resources

For those schools studying Pearson Edexcel’s ‘The British Sector of the Western Front 1914-18: Injuries, Treatment and the Trenches’ module, Anglia is delighted to offer a tour which provides an engaging and relevant introduction to the warfare context and historical environment of Medicine on the Western Front. 

The itinerary for this tour has been reviewed by the awarding body to confirm that it suitably enhances the teaching and learning process for the related Pearson qualification.

Now, in addition to the bespoke Aide-Memoire which we  give to each student who travels with us on this tour, Anglia has just published an original set of Surgery & Treatment Flash Cards. These cards allow you to follow the route taken by a casualty along the chain of evacuation, looking at the personnel involved at each stage and the equipment which was available.  They can be used in class as either a means to develop students’ understanding of the casualty evacuation chain or as a resource to aid revision. To view a sample of these Flash Cards, please Click Here.

This unique resource is available free of charge to all schools who book a Surgery & Treatment tour with Anglia. All you have to do is ask your Tour Coordinator for the password then download the cards, and a set of suggestions as to how they might be used directly from the Anglia website. Once you have received your password from your Tour Consultant, visit our Surgery & Treatment Flash Cards page to download your Flash Cards.