15 May 2024

Meet the Professionals: Professionals from Disneyland®Paris recently filmed their profiles for the next Study Experiences seminars.

Our Study Experience Education Consultant and her camera team recently spent two days filming at the Walt Disney Destinations International at Hammersmith, London to update how some of the subjects students study at our events at Disneyland Paris are put into practice.

We were keen to hear about their latest work in Business Studies, Media Studies, Computer Science and Maths.  The resulting footage, containing exclusive content on a variety of roles that contribute to the smooth running of this world famous theme park resort, is only available for those attending our Study Experiences seminars at Disneyland® Paris.


You can learn more about the professionals and their experience in the short summaries below.

The good news is that we have more information from them lined up in our next seminars taking

place in November 2024 and January to February 2025.


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Exploring the Magic Behind the Scenes: A Look into Disneyland®  Paris' London Offices

In the bustling heart of Hammersmith, London, lies a hub of creativity and innovation: the Walt Disney Destinations International office. However, what many may not realize is that this office serves as more than just a corporate centre—it's a gateway to the enchanting world of Disneyland® Paris. Recently, our Study Experience Education Consultant and her camera team had the privilege of spending two immersive days filming within these very walls, uncovering the intricacies of how various subjects taught at our seminars at Disneyland® Paris are applied in real-world settings.

David Thresh, Social Media Manager, Disney Destinations International

As the Social Media Manager for Disney  Destinations International (DDI), David Thresh is no stranger to the dynamic realm of social media. With over seven years of experience under his belt, David and his team oversee the digital presence of iconic brands like Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney World Florida, and Disney Cruise Line. During our filming, David shared insights into the benefits of utilizing social media across disciplines such as Business Studies, Media Studies, and Computer Science. From navigating the fluidity of the industry to collaborating on exciting projects, David's passion for his work shines through.

Rachel Reilly, PR Executive: Publicity Team, Disney Destinations International

Enter Rachel Reilly, a PR Executive whose role revolves around shaping the public image of Disney Destinations International. With a background spanning prestigious agencies and internships, Rachel brings a wealth of experience to her role. From orchestrating campaigns for Disneyland Paris' 30th Anniversary to managing the launch of Marvel Avengers Campus, Rachel's journey exemplifies the magic behind the scenes. During our time with Rachel, she delved into the intricacies of working with the media, offering valuable insights for aspiring professionals in the fields of Media Studies and Computer Science.

Francesca Birch, Operations Supervisor, Walt Disney Travel Company International

At the helm of operations lies Francesca Birch, the Operations Supervisor at Walt Disney Travel Company International. Charged with ensuring that every guest's journey is nothing short of magical, Francesca's role encompasses the essence of hospitality and customer service. With a dedicated team based in Orlando, Florida, Francesca's passion for providing exceptional service radiates through her work. Through our discussions, Francesca shed light on the importance of good customer service, guest expectations, and handling customer complaints—key lessons for students of Business Studies.

Tom Nelson, Senior Manager E-Commerce Technology and Digital Product, The Walt Disney Company

In the realm of digital innovation stands Tom Nelson, the Senior Manager of E-Commerce Technology and Digital Product at The Walt Disney Company. With a decade of experience spanning various digital roles, Tom leads a team responsible for bringing the magic of Disney Parks to life online. From website development to ensuring accessibility and security, Tom's insights offer a glimpse into the intersection of Computer Science and Business Studies. His commitment to creating immersive online experiences mirrors the enchantment found within the parks themselves.

Tracey Dynan, Senior Manager, Finance, Disney Destinations International

Behind every successful venture lies a robust financial strategy, and at Disney Destinations International, Tracey Dynan spearheads this crucial aspect. As the head of the finance team, Tracey oversees the financial operations of Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney World, and Disney Cruise Line. From analysing financial objectives to navigating external influences, Tracey's role underscores the importance of financial literacy across disciplines such as Business Studies and Maths.

Lucy Woodward, UK Senior Manager of Campaigns/Creative & Audience Planning, Disney Destinations International

Meet Lucy Woodward, the UK Senior Manager of Campaigns, Creative & Audience Planning at Disney Destinations International. With a team dedicated to media, creative, social, and customer relations management, Lucy's role encapsulates the art of storytelling and brand management. From navigating brand assets to orchestrating TV productions, Lucy's insights offer invaluable lessons for students of Media Studies.

Nicole Horlock, Trade Marketing & Events Manager, Disney Destinations International

Last but certainly not least, Nicole Horlock, the Trade Marketing & Events Manager, brings her expertise to the forefront of trade partnerships. With a focus on Walt Disney World Resort, Disney Cruise Line, and Disneyland®  Paris, Nicole's role involves collaborating with travel professionals to elevate marketing strategies and events. From media product production to understanding the intricacies of place and product, Nicole's insights provide a comprehensive understanding of trade marketing and its intersection with Media Studies and Business Studies.


In essence, our time spent filming at the Disneyland® Paris' London offices served as a testament to the magic that unfolds behind the scenes. From the digital realm to financial operations, everyone we encountered showcased a dedication to excellence that resonates throughout the Disney brand. As students prepare to embark on their educational journeys, may they draw inspiration from these real-world applications and embrace the magic of learning in every endeavour.


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