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Immersive curriculum-linked trips for schools and colleges

Imagine a school trip tailor-made to your specifications that meets all your learning objectives and allows you to relax and enjoy yourself along with your students...

If you’ve ever worked with us, you’ll know that we create inspiring, immersive and content-rich curriculum-linked trips for schools and colleges that will enhance your pupils’ learning and personal development.

You’ll know that we make your trip planning easier in the run-up to every educational tour by helping you get your students excited and provide the information you need to get trips signed off and parents on board.   

You’ll have felt the relief of having an expert organising your tour or event, offering recommendations for educational visits and supporting you throughout the experience.

But if you’ve not yet had the opportunity to see us in action, here are just some of the reasons you should work with us for your next trip:

We know what you need

Our educational trips are designed to enhance learning and reflect links to the relevant curriculum. Each educational visit and every learning moment is personalised to your group, with the aim of giving a new perspective on the subject to supplement curriculum learning.

Within the itineraries we create we’ll include a mix of free time for bonding, independent learning and exploring.  For more information about our approach, take a look at our Step by Step Guide to planning a school trip.

We’re all about communication

Feedback from past customers has been that our expertise, communication style and interpersonal skills make working with us seamless and enjoyable.

Our experience with WST was amazing! Both Tracey and Ilona were there for me during all aspects of the trips. It has been nice working with you, and I look forward to booking more trips in the future.
Sirius Academy West, Barcelona


Did you know we are the only school tour operator to hold the Customer Service Excellence accreditation? When we say that customers are at the heart of everything we do, we mean it.

Our trips enhance student attainment

We’re committed to enhancing student learning and improving educational outcomes. Every School tour and each event we run offers subject-specific learning, with educational visits focused on key areas of the curriculum and activities linked to teachers’ individual learning objectives.

On each tour, where appropriate, we will feature subject experts and local guides who will share their expert knowledge to make subjects more relevant and offer a different perspective. This can spark passions and change students’ educational trajectories.

Immersion in inspiring locations, listening to fascinating stories and getting truly hands-on experiences will enhance students’ understanding of and interest in topics. We know that this has a beneficial effect in the classroom.

We all have memories of our school tours, and our content-packed, inspiring educational tours will stay with your students, too.  Teacher feedback is that they often see increased engagement and enthusiasm levels and improved attainment for all after our trips - including pupils who’ve been struggling to find a route into a subject.

Absolute perfect battlefield guides and are a credit to Anglia Tours. They go out of their way to make the experience personal for the students, researching their relatives and going on pilgrimages to pay their respects. They build an incredibly strong positive relationship with staff and students alike, and have the perfect combination of expertise, integrity and humour to make the trip a memorable experience for all involved. I cannot thank them enough, on behalf of Wren Academy, for absolutely everything they do.
Wren Academy


We breathe life into learning

Thousands of students’ eyes light up each year on our school trips as they encounter new and unique experiences, whether it’s viewing real-life masterpieces whilst on a Van Gogh Museum tour in Amsterdam as part of their Art and Design trip, or seeing the force of the water shooting 30 metres into the air from the famous Strokkur Geysir whilst on a Science trip to Iceland.    

Watch as students who in class are quiet or not engaged become drawn into participating in workshops or learning experiences, such as building a rollercoaster during a Study Seminar at Disneyland® Paris.

The seminar and workshop were excellent. Lots of material covered but very interesting and relevant. The assignment pack was also very good and students stepped up to the challenge of completing at least 4 tasks.
Duke’s Secondary School Disneyland® Paris Seminar


Wherever we go, we broaden students’ knowledge by offering them the extra information or insights they need, to make sense of what they’re learning.

Next Generation Travel: the home of educational travel experiences

NGT is the parent company and driving force behind the UK’s fastest-growing and most innovative educational travel brands. Since 1988, we’ve offered unique, immersive tours to young people aged from 10 to 21.

All our unforgettable adventures are designed to open minds, empower learning and encourage personal growth. Our tours have enabled thousands of young people to enjoy time away from home, learn, bond with their groups and come home brimming over with stories and memories that will last a lifetime, as well as increased confidence in their own abilities.

We are on a mission to enhance educational outcomes for young people, and delivering educational experiences through travel is at the core of what we do. 

We have travelled with other travel companies before but Next Generation Travel were a step ahead of other companies. The level of service was excellent and provided a personal touch taking care of everything we needed. They really do think of everything!
Doug Pitts, Deputy Head


The Next Generation Travel Group is a one-stop shop for all your educational travel needs, whichever of our brands you work with, you can be sure our team share our values and goals, so will be at the very top of their game when planning your educational trip.

Say hello to WST

The much accredited and 6 times winner of the Best School Tour Operator, WST provides deep-dive subject learning for primary and secondary schools and sixth-form students.

Students will fall in love with learning through the carefully selected visits and attractions included in their tour itineraries. We aim to support teachers planning a trip with a range of practical resources ranging from packing tips to risk assessment guides, plus we provide inspiring educational material such as exclusive Geography resources or fun town trails and treasure hunts, that can be used before, during and after the trip.

Offering flexibility is a priority and we can include a local guide on many of our tours, who, as professional guides, are not only extremely knowledgeable but readily able to communicate with students and allow plenty of time for questions and personal reflection.

WST provided a competent, proactive service pre and during the trip. They were quick to respond to problems and help in finding solutions. I would recommend them as a trusted trip organiser.
Kaddi Secondary School review

The WST team include a range of visits within the tours covering key areas of the curriculum linking activities to each teacher's learning objectives. With over 850 schools and colleges booking with WST and over 75% coming back year after year, we’re definitely doing something right!

Introducing Anglia Tours

Gone are the days when students were expected to stand in a muddy field and listen to someone talking at them about the historical event which happened there, whilst they gazed, bored, over the horizon. 

Anglia Tours is the leading provider of fully guided trips that bring history alive for students, helping them visualise the environment in a way that a textbook cannot. We encourage students to think beyond their classroom learning, be inquisitive and ask questions about what they are seeing and experiencing.

Students will hold artefacts, hear testimonials and eyewitness accounts, look at source images, touch replica equipment and get the context of the world at the time the event they are studying happened.

We wanted to extend a HUGE thank you to all involved for such an amazing, moving, interesting, fun and thought-provoking trip.
Calthorpe Park


Offering a choice of itineraries that have been endorsed by Pearson Edexcel as following the key topics on the syllabus, the tour experience will enhance students’ specific knowledge and exam preparations.

Book a battlefield tour with our Guided History Specialist, Anglia Tours, and you’ll immediately see that our 50+ expert guides stand out from the crowd. Their storytelling skills, subject knowledge and passion for their topics are incredible. Many of our guides are former teachers or ex-service people, so they can communicate in an impactful way, use humour where it’s fitting and respond to questions appropriately.

Have you heard about Study Experiences?

Our Study Experiences team creates hands-on events where students can learn from subject experts alongside schools from around the country.  Why not look at our seminar programme based in Disneyland® Paris?

Or perhaps you’d like to find out more about Earth Summit, where over 400 students enjoy a series of engaging presentations before taking part in two hands-on workshops, all with experts who are currently making a huge difference working in the climate change industry.  

See what the students and teachers had to say about the event in this short video.

We’re always learning too

We work closely with teachers, exam boards and other subject matter experts to make sure all our tours and events remain current and are adapted to changes in the curriculum.  We also audit our tours once a year and reflect and perfect to include teacher and student feedback from trips the preceding year.

Ready to start our journey together?

For more information on how we can support your pupils’ learning, please call one of our educational travel experts on 01253 441900, email us at enquiries@ngttravel.com or get a quote here: https://www.ngttravel.com/get-a-quote/