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Ypres & Somme is the ideal destination for groups studying World War One. What were once quaint Belgian farming towns and villages plunged into apocalytpic war. Students can visit the sites of key battles, the scars in the land itself, as well as the memorials and cemeteries that remember the fallen.

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History Trips To Ypres

Inspire your students to lean more about key events and personal stories of WW1 with a history trip to Ypres.

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Guided History Tours To Ypres

Bring history to life with a Pearson Edexcel-endorsed guided tour, delivered by our team of expert guides.

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Our Trips To Ypres

For students studying World War I, nothing brings home the scale of the epic conflict quite like visiting the battlefields where millions of soldiers lost their lives.

Home to numerous captivating museums which provide context to the events leading up to the war, as well as the conditions soldiers would have endured living in the trenches, school trips to Ypres and Somme really bring to life the poignant events of the First World War.

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As a leading educational tour provider, we take great pride in curating captivating experiences that showcase the best this beautiful country. 

With guided trip days exploring the iconic landmarks, our carefully crafted itineraries aim to enrich your knowledge, inspire your imagination, and create memories that last a lifetime. 

Join us as we embark on a journey through Rome's most captivating attractions, where education meets adventure, and every moment becomes a lesson worth cherishing.

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