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We understand the immense value of hands-on learning experiences beyond the classroom, and that's why we have carefully crafted an array of captivating and enriching itineraries for students of all ages. 

Bay of Naples is an incredible choice for groups looking to explore its outstanding landscape and history.

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Classics Trips to Bay of Naples

The picturesque coastline of Bay of Naples offers a plethora of educational visits linked to Greek and Roman ancient history.

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Geography Trips to Bay of Naples

Head out of the classroom and enjoy exciting new learning opportunities. Explore the outstanding natural landscape.

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History Trips to Bay of Naples

Experience the Roman History with the help of our bespoke day trip itineraries and get the most out of your day.

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Our Trips To Bay Of Naples

Home to one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world, the Bay of Naples is famed for both its outstanding natural beauty and epic history. Situated on the south-western coast of Italy, the bay is flanked by the beautiful cities of Naples and Sorrento. Also the location of one of only a few of Europe’s only active volcanos the Bay of Naples has a diverse geography as well as a dramatic past.

An incredible opportunity for students to learn about the formation and eruptions of this spectacular volcano, Mount Vesuvius is one of the most exciting study visits on the Bay of Naples. Famed for its catastrophic eruption in 79 AD which destroyed the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, the notoriously volatile volcano has created some key moments in history. As well as seeing Mount Vesuvius up close, you can also take in the breath-taking panoramic views from near the summit.

Benefit from a Tour Manager so you can concentrate on your students

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When you visit the Bay of Naples you can add on a tour manager as added support throughout your tour. Your tour manager will:

  • Be with your group all day
  • Liaise at all the attractions where you have reservations
  • Navigate you and your group around the city on foot and public transport
  • Assist in purchasing tickets for any additional visits
  • Be there to provide extra support in the case of an emergency
  • Assist with any translation needed

There are great benefits to choosing a tour manager when you are in the Bay of Naples.

  • You'll have peace of mind that the day to day running of the trip will run smoothly.
  • Having a tour manager will give your parents and your SLT reassurance that you’ll be well supported.
  • You’ll have more time to concentrate on your students and the educational value of the trip.

Top Attractions

As a leading educational tour provider, we take great pride in curating captivating experiences that showcase the best of this area's natural beauty. 

From iconic landmarks to world-class museums to historic sites, our carefully crafted itineraries aim to enrich your knowledge, inspire your imagination, and create memories that last a lifetime. 

Join us as we embark on a journey through Bay of Naples' most captivating attractions, where education meets adventure, and every moment becomes a lesson worth cherishing.

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