School Trip Payment Planner

For those in charge of booking school residential trips, keeping track of all the additional admin can seem like another job in itself. At WST, we want to make things easier for those who have been tasked with planning and preparing for a school trip abroad, and looking after everything that comes with it.

That’s why we’ve created this special school trip planner. Once you’ve booked your school tour, you can use our Payment Planner spreadsheet to help you keep track of payments. This handy tool allows you to record who’s paid what, document pupils’ spending money and view your expenditure summary and schedule.

School Trip Payment Planner Template

Alongside our extensive support network, and experienced team, It’s just one more way that we’re helping to make teachers’ lives that little bit easier.

To get your copy, simply download here, and don’t forget to share with anyone else who might find it usefu