Must Have Apps To Use While You’re Away

To get the most out of your school trip and create lasting memories, you’ll need to tweet, blog, share, snap and shoot as much as you can. After all, these are experiences that your students are going to want to cherish forever.

From recording your memories to sharing your snaps, translating phrases to getting around, we’ve pulled together the ultimate list of the most useful apps for travelling. You could even use them for a creative class project when you get back!

Simply download some (or all!) of these apps before you depart, and that way you’ll be okay with the tech, and ready to record as you go. You can also check out the blog here.

To enable you to share easily with your students and fellow teachers, we’ve made this list into an eye-catching downloadable document. Simply download below to get your copy, then print and pin in your classroom.

10 Must Have Apps