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Exam Board Endorsed Itineraries

Anglia Tours offers a choice of itineraries which have been endorsed by the Pearson Edexcel Exam Board. This means that these fully guided tours will follow the key topics on the syllabus, enhancing your students' specific knowledge and learning experience and giving the best preparation for their exam.  

What are the benefits of choosing the Pearson Edexcel endorsed itineraries?

If you're following Pearson Edexcel, these are some great reasons to choose an endorsed itinerary:

  • Pearson have checked these itineraries include visits and narrative to match up to the content in the study topics.
  • You can cover off the whole study topic outside the classroom in a short time, giving you more time to reinforce knowledge back in the classroom and spend more time on other topics.
  • Seeing and feeling these sights can develop their empathy and understanding of the topic that can't be matched in classroom.
  • A tour with the content tailored specifically to the syllabus can support your attainment levels. 

Anglia itineraries endorsed by Pearson Edexcel


Weimar & Nazi Germany 1918-1939

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Life in Nazi Germany & Origins of the Cold War

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Origins of the Cold War

Visit tour
Ypres & Somme

The British Sector of the Western Front 1914 - 18 Injuries, Treatment and the Trenches

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Whitechapel c1870-1900 Crime, Policing & the Inner City One day guided walking tour

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Migration London's East End walking tour

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Would you like to see some sample itineraries?

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Endorsement Statement 

The itineraries have been reviewed by the awarding body to confirm that they suitably enhance the teaching and learning process for the related Pearson qualification. A Pearson subject representative has attended the associated tour to ensure that its content meets the requirements of the qualification it is aimed at and to confirm that it is suitable for the intended audience of the qualification.

The review confirms that the itinerary and the tour support the content of this qualification and that the locations covered in each visit and the key outcomes to be delivered as part of each visit enrich the overall learning experience of the course or part of the course it is aimed at.

Endorsement does not cover the Tour Operator nor does it cover the suitability of the individual tour guide who delivers the itinerary on the day. The delivery of the tour and individual experience of the tour are not the responsibility of Pearson; participants are referred to the Tour Operator’s confirmation of booking for further information including pricing structures.

Endorsement of an itinerary and a tour does not cover any other resources produced by the Tour Operator to support the qualification or that will be used to deliver the tour. Whilst Pearson is satisfied that the itinerary and the tour itself are capable of enriching and supporting the achievement of the qualification, it is not essential for studying the qualification. The official specification is the only authoritative source in respect of the qualification content and should be used for definitive guidance to ensure that all learning objectives are fulfilled.