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Tours for the Armed Forces

From the first moment you contact us, our highly experienced team will look after all your training requirements. 

We will craft a tour which, as the testimonials on our website show, you will find thought-provoking, engaging and enjoyable. 

The team of mainly ex-service staff will answer your questions, offer guidance, advice and support all the way through the process

Maximising your training delivery and required outcomes

Our commitment is to facilitate training that not only meets unit or headquarters’ training aims but is conducted in a manner appropriate to the group.

To achieve this the package must be workable on the ground, financially viable and above all, a positive and enjoyable learning experience for the participants.

Consequently, the first step for our mainly ex-Service staff is to discuss with the project officer the training outcomes that the commander wishes from the study.

From there we work with project officers to produce workable itineraries, administrative plans, materials required by, for instance, the Army’s AGAI 23 and the supporting training aids.

On the ground during the study or staff ride our guides deliver the historical content and take on the administrative burden, maximising the numbers able to focus on training delivery and outcomes.

Our Standard Military History Tours

Realities of War
  • Germany, France & Belgium
  • The Great War
  • Expert, professional and knowledgeable military historians
  • Follows campaigns relevant to Service, Regiment or Corps
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Staff Rides
  • Belgium & France
  • Expert & professional military historians
  • Designed for formation, Tri-Service Headquarters, career courses
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Battlefield Studies
  • Belgium & France
  • Expert & professional military historians
  • Designed for trained officers, soldiers, sailors and airmen
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Plan and book with confidence

We apply our travel expertise to deliver the complete tour package or simply provide one or two elements as a ‘flexible facilitator’.

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