10 April 2023 • 4 Mins Read

Why Keele University is a MUST for Environmental Education

Keele University may not be a name you’re well acquainted with, but for those in the study fields of climate change, the environment and sustainability, it is top of the list of UK-based institutions.

So why and how did Keele University become such a hub for innovative thinking about humans’ fractious and growingly damaging relationship with the natural world?

And why is Keele the perfect place for GCSE and A-Level students to develop their passion and knowledge for environmental and sustainability studies?

Keele University Sustainability Hub

Keele’s Home Farm Sustainability Hub is the centre of their research, conservation and study efforts on campus. Renovated from historic farm buildings, the university developed their sustainability hub this way to preserve the site’s history and to limit its impact on the environment; developing brownfield sites and existing buildings reduces construction-linked energy use and increases sustainability over its lifetime.

This attention-to-detail in their environmental damage limitation, alongside numerous other projects, led Keele University to be named Global Sustainability Institution of the Year at the Green Gown Awards 2021. This was in no small part to their continued substantial efforts. Over the last decade they have invested £1.2 million into carbon reduction projects.

In 2019 they joined the UK Government alongside a handful of other universities to become one of the first institutions to declare a global climate emergency. In response to this, they created their Climate Action Framework Principles, outlining their commitment to environmental damage limitation across campus.

Keele University Carbon Neutral 2030

They have also set themselves the ambitious task of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. To do this, they have partnered with Engie to build 2 wind turbines and 12,500 solar panels across campus. It also includes the formation of Institute for Sustainable Futures to increase research into numerous sustainability-focussed areas such as climate change, food security, clean energy and more.

All of these facilities and initiatives place Keele at the centre of discussions around the environment, climate change and sustainability.

These are just some of the reasons we partnered with Keele University to launch Earth Summit, a 2-day event designed to support lessons learned in the classroom around Geography, STEM and related subjects, as well as nurturing the passion of the next generation of environmental leaders. Climate change will affect every career path and we want to help prepare students for how their chosen field might be affected in years to come.

The Benefit to Students

For your students visiting Keele University, they will benefit from the world-class facilities on campus. These include numerous laboratories, a weather station, and solar, biomass, rainwater and ground source heat sustainability systems. They will also be interacting with some of the sector’s most influential educational leaders, all at the heart of Keele University’s commitment to sustainability on-site, in their local area and on a global scale.

The combination of state-of-the-art facilities and inspiring expert figures ensures Keele University’s ongoing outstanding success in the area of sustainability and environmental studies.

And with a brand new Natural History GCSE on the horizon, as well as a shift in curriculum towards climate change, sustainability and environment studies, this is the perfect opportunity to cement your school’s status as leaders in this space and nurture your students’ curiosity and future careers.

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