20 January 2022 • 3 Mins Read

Why Is Extra Curricular Sport Important?

1. Boosted academic achievement

Regular sporting activity can help students develop their focus, refresh their perspective and provide a break from everyday school life. It is a valuable opportunity for students to recharge their batteries, which they may struggle to do in the classroom, or even at home.

Plus, sport is great way to give the working mind a break and ground students in the present moment, which can be especially important during stressful exam seasons where thoughts of worry and panic can easily take over. Structured physical activity should help counteract this and help students return to their classroom studies refreshed, clear-headed and motivated.

2. Develop in confidence

The more extra-curricular activities students attend, the more they will be encouraged to socialise with their peers, build rapport and develop relationships. Extra-curricular sporting activities in particular are a great way to improve teamwork, leadership and listening skills, which translates into strengthened social skills and self-confidence.

Not only is this a powerful mood-booster, but it will give your students feel a sense of accomplishment and support that will carry over into their academic studies. Working through the inevitable successes and failures that come with team sport will only enhance that sense of ‘togetherness’, providing a sense of social support and giving students the confidence to accomplish whatever they want in their educational careers too.

3. Promotes health and well-being

It sounds obvious, but the health benefits of extra-curricular sports should not be overlooked in modern society. Not only does exercise contribute to positive mental health, but the physical benefits are almost in abundance. From helping maintain healthy levels of stress and a balanced body weight, to increased energy and strengthening bones.

In terms of mental health, physical activity can also contribute to a range psychological factors that affect academic progression and well-being. Studies from the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK show that physical activity can reduce depression in children, as well as increasing self-esteem and reducing anxiety.

In addition to these reasons, there are additional benefits to participating in extra-curricular sports, many of which are amplified on a sports tour.

The opportunity to experience different places, meet new people and compete on an international level can ignite your teams sense of teamwork that brings your students even closer together and contribute to long-lasting positive physical and mental health.

We are passionate about providing sports trips that bring out the best in your team and help you make unforgettable memories. So if you are interested in taking your team or club on our exciting sports tours for netball and football, contact us today to find out more.