21 August 2018 • 6 Mins Read

What are the Benefits of Educational School Trips?

There’s no doubt that most students thoroughly enjoy school trips. But as a teacher, you may find yourself having to justify your school tour to colleagues or parents. At WST, we believe school trips go beyond simply enhancing your students’ understanding of a subject. 

They help teach your students the best lessons. Lessons like confidence, curiosity and creativity. To give you a taste of how learning outside of the classroom can help your pupils grow, we’ve collated just a few benefits of educational visits.

Better understanding 

One of the key benefits of school trips is enhancing your students’ understanding of their current study topics. Seeing a resource first-hand or learning about a topic practically can help to cement it in your pupils’ memories. In fact, according to the Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Evaluation of Learning Away: Final Report, 60% of secondary school students felt they had a better understanding of what they were trying to learn after attending a residential trip.

“Clearly, it’s wonderful when the boys see something of Berlin in class and can remember being there themselves.” Teacher, Merchant Taylors’ School Northwood

School trips tailored around your specific study themes can really bring lessons to life. From getting your hands dirty on a geography field trip to watching a spellbinding performance at the West End, school trips can truly make the best lessons.

Discover new interests

As well as improving individual performance results, school trips can also help students discover a passion for new subjects.

“Since running this trip, we’ve seen more than a 100% increase in boys wanting to take German to IGCSE. I am certain the trip, along with other measures, has helped us to exceed our expectations in this goal.” - Teacher, Merchant Taylors’ School Northwood

By giving pupils an opportunity to use their skills outside of the classroom, they can see how their learnings may be applicable in real life. Students may even be inspired to pursue a subject in later life, using it to shape their future career.

Building confidence and independence 

Aside from classroom bonuses, the importance of school trips is most clearly highlighted by helping students build their confidence and gain independence. A particular benefit of overseas school trips, taking pupils to destinations further afield can help strengthen their character and teach them life skills that go beyond the classroom.

“This trip to New York was a great experience for me. More than anything it taught me to be independent which I really need to learn in time for university. I want to say a massive thank you to all the teachers who organised this trip, it has been wonderful seeing a new environment and trying new things.” - Student, Northampton School for Girls

Social bonding

School trips are a great opportunity for students to connect with their classmates and bond with teachers. With many school trip activities providing opportunities to work in teams and share experiences with other students, lots of pupils return from school trips with firmer friends and better classroom relationships. The Evaluation of Learning Away report revealed that after a residential trip, 84% of secondary school pupils said they got on better with the other pupils in their class.

Broadening horizons 

Finally, school trips give pupils the chance to try a wealth of experiences that might otherwise pass them by. From immersing themselves in new cultures and trying new cuisines to exploring fascinating museums and historically significant places, school trips can help broaden your pupils’ horizons. 

“I can now honestly say after going on this trip, it has opened my eyes to the real world and what is out there besides Northampton. It has made me gain new experiences and helped me realise where I would like to be in the future.” - Student, Northampton School for Girls