01 January 2022 • 2 Mins Read

Outdoor Learning – Outcomes for Children & Young People

We know from the feedback we have received from parents, teachers and students that our educational visits have had a positive impact on thousands of young people who have travelled with us over the years – and it’s not just the educational content they benefit from. 

There is ample evidence that well-organised trips and visits can broaden horizons and enable young people both to develop new skills and build relationships. Learning outside the classroom can also make young people more engaged with learning and thereby lead to improvements to academic achievement.

Our Learning Outcomes Mind Map highlights some of the areas where learning outside the classroom outdoor learning can prove a very effective means of achieving educational aims and meeting desired learning outcomes.



Council for Learning Outside the Classroom: ‘There is an abundance of research that suggests good quality learning outside the classroom adds significant value to young people’s learning. It provides a context for accumulating integrated and subject based knowledge and for developing key skills. Effective learning outside the classroom relies on problem-solving skills, cooperation and interpersonal communication: all essential skills for today’s young people’  


Ofsted: When planned and implemented well, learning outside the classroom contributed significantly to raising standards and improving pupils’ personal, social and emotional development. 

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