12 July 2023 • 5 Mins Read

Long-Haul Flight Hacks

Whether it’s a culture-packed trip to New York or an enriching experience in the expansive Los Angeles, the long-haul flight can often feel like an annoying (but frustratingly necessary) part of your trip.

However, there are some really easy hacks that can help you not only survive that long-haul flight, but even enjoy it!

So we asked our Tour Solvers for their top ‘long-haul flight hacks’ and whittled them down to 5 handy hints for your next trip.

1. Wear comfortable clothes

It sounds obvious, but it’s so easy to forget! Think of an outfit that you would be happy to wear for 10+ hours sitting down on a plane. Also, layers are your friend. Especially so you can wrap up when it’s chilly and get cosy to rest when you are tired. Also, I tend to forget that our feet swell at high altitude, so it’s a good idea to wear comfortable footwear that is not too tight!

2. Prepare to rest

Whether you plan to sleep or not, it’s always a good idea to bring a comfy jumper or travel pillow so you can even just rest during your flight. Remind your students to do the same, reminding them that the combination of sitting down for long periods and the high altitude usually takes its toll, so packing some cosy comforts can really help them relax. This can include some basic toiletries too, so everyone can get some rest and freshen up before landing.

3. Pack some snacks

It is fair to say that airplane food is not everyone’s cup of tea, so make sure advise your group to pick up some tasty and nutritious snacks to keep them fuelled during the journey. Whether it’s a favourite granola snack, dried fruit or slow-release energy bar – this will help ward off any hunger pangs and keep your energy-levels ticking along throughout your journey. Equally as important, you should keep your body hydrated because aircraft cabins can be dry places. Remember to keep sipping water and avoid too much tea, coffee or alcohol.

4. Move around

Stretching your legs will help everyone’s body circulation flowing, as well as lift your mood and help avoid the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis. It’s a good idea to get up, move around and stretch your body every couple of hours.

5. Stay entertained

This does not mean you need to resort to the LED screen. Whether it’s picking up your favourite book, some playing cards, or striking up conversation with fellow group leaders and students – there are plenty of ways to banish boredom and help the time fly faster.

If you really want to help get everyone excited on the outbound flight, why not get creative and run a destination themed quiz to get everyone excited for the adventure ahead. On the way home, it can also be a great time to gather feedback and thoughts, as well as reflecting on what you have all learned during the trip.

On a long-haul flight, it can also be an easy and effective way to rally up some team participation, so running some bitesize activities or competitions linked to your study topics can be very well-received – especially when students are bored and eager to be entertained!

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