06 December 2023 • 5 Mins Read

How Do We Deal With The Unexpected?

As is all too clear in recent times, we can’t stop the unexpected. However, our experienced team at WST always work hard to put practical solutions in place quickly for our customers, to provide reassurance, support and choices. After all, the reason teachers choose a Tour Operator is so that you can benefit from that professional support.

When you travel with WST you do have choices

  • We can postpone your trip to a later date when you feel more confident to go ahead with travelling.

"We had to reschedule one of our dance trips due to the events in London. WST has been very accommodating and worked with us. They have been very flexible with dates and contacted relevant companies to rearrange dates/events. WST has communicated with us exceptionally well and provided reassurance in order for our pupils not to miss out on this exciting experience. Our pupils are now looking forward to the rescheduled date."

- Forrester High School

  • If you’re visiting a city, we can tweak your itinerary so that you are visiting less high profile or less central visits.

"Following some of the devastating terrorist incidents of previous years, parents and school have been genuinely concerned about planned visits that schools have organised. We have such a visit planned for July of this year. I felt that some parents and families could be concerned about the visit so felt that it was important to contact WST to seek their advice and guidance. On contact, the WST representative couldn’t be more helpful. They listened carefully to our concerns, provided advice both as a company and from national sources and then worked closely with us to minimise any of the concerns we had. Their target was to reduce “pavement” time and avoid the possibility of coming into contact with large crowds. This we have been able to do which has significantly appeased ourselves and our families. Their approach was extremely supportive, caring and highly professional. We are very grateful for their response and support."

- Anchorsholme Academy

  • We can change your destination all together.

"Given the late change of our destination due to the terror threat in Brussels, Kerrie handled our tour exceptionally well and with great patience that was very much appreciated during a stressful time. Thank you so much!"

- Notre Dame High School

Find out how WST can be on hand during your school trip

If you want to know more about how we will work with you to do the right thing for your group on your school trips get in touch with us today or visit our Safety & Support page.