21 November 2017 • 3 Mins Read

Berlin & Krakow Q&A with Thomas Telford School

We interviewed Robert Furlong from Thomas Telford School with a quick fire Q&A session to find out what he thinks are the benefits of taking a guided history trip to Berlin & Krakow.

Why do you choose a tour operator to organise your trip and why choose Anglia?

I have a long standing relationship with Anglia. Trust and respect are the key reasons why I travel with them each year.


How do you plan/generate interest for this trip in the school.

I launch this trip for A Level students at the start of school year. It has been a regular trip for the last 10 or more years so they now expect it.


How does Anglia help you to plan the trip and does it make life easier for you?

In the early days I found the consultation visit really useful but as we know what I want to do on the trip, I now no longer need one. I have ideas about what I want to include and they coordinate them into a practical tour. This saves me hours.


Why do you choose a guided history trip?

Anglia’s guides offer expertise way beyond what a class teacher could bring. Their tours also offer excellent CPD too for my more inexperienced staff. They also have invaluable local experience of the areas we visit and can support us with language barriers.


It’s a busy itinerary covering Berlin and Krakow – do your guides help you to get a lot done in a short space of time?

Very much so. I could not do it without the expertise and local knowledge of Ian and Sam.


How do your guides bring history to life on the trip?

Its their enthusiasm  passion and ability to make it personal. They really involve the students too - its not a case of them talking to the students, they are talking with them.


Could you tell us more about the benefits of the study visit to Auschwitz?

Its about empathy. Walking in the footsteps of history is a very powerful motivator and to spark interest.


Have you applied any of your experiences/ knowledge gained on the trip back in the classroom?

We do this all the time


What were the highlights of the trip for you?

Ian and Sam, our guides, are the highlight of the trip.


What are your top tips to other teachers thinking of taking a guided history trip to Berlin and Krakow?

Speak to Anglia -get the experts to plan it and guide it. I am always promoting Anglia with teachers!