15 February 2018

10 Reasons to take a Guided History Tour with Anglia

Our team of expert and highly experienced guides, each selected not only for the depth of their historical knowledge but more importantly for their ability to engage and inspire your students, are there to ensure they gain the maximum educational benefit from the tour and to deal with any problems that may arise – no matter how serious.

Take a look at these essential benefits to taking a guided tour with Anglia.


  1. Experience counts

With over 240 years of teaching experience and 325 years of guiding school groups, our guides will work in partnership with you to deliver the perfect educational experience.


  1. Your safety is our priority

Our guides are there, not just to work with your students, but to ensure the safety of the group throughout the tour. With backgrounds in the Military, Police and Teaching they can deal with any issues which arise - so you and your students really couldn't be in safer hands.


  1. Amazing, inspiring guides

Our guides have the proven ability to engage with students - not simply talk at them. Using a range of quotes, images and period equipment they are adept at adjusting their delivery style to meet the differing learning needs of each student.


  1. Do more in less time

Our guides are frequent visitors to the places they lead tours to, which means they have excellent up to date knowledge. So if a road is closed, a new museum open or major event planned they will be the first to know.


  1. We deliver human stories

Our guides use human stories to help your students make that vital connection with the sites they are visiting. So whether they are standing with their mates in a front lines trench waiting to 'go over the top' or sat in Berlins Olympic Stadium waiting for the starting pistol and a chance to see Jesse Owens in the Final of the Men's 100 metres, the 'penny drop' moments are endless.


  1. Provide additional support to you

We know being responsible for students on a trip is a 24 hour job. So let our guides take some of the pressure off you. They will navigate, liaise with drivers, restaurants and hotels so you can take a step back and enjoy watching your students be inspired by what they see and hear.


  1. A pre-trip visit to your school

We will visit your school to discuss your educational objectives and agree a programme which delivers these. We will also offer to deliver a pre-tour presentation to parents which provides real reassurance and a chance for them to see what they are getting for their money.


8. Support materials

We can provide you with booklets to use before, during or after your tour. Our guides deliver kit demonstrations and use images, quotes and documents to help develop their understanding of events.


9. Personalised research

If you know of former pupils who were involved in either World War or your students have relatives they would like to know more about, let us know in advance and our guides can research these individuals or the units they served with. We can tell their stories on the ground they trod.


10. Detailed subject knowledge

With backgrounds in research, teaching, writing and film making, our guides have developed a wonderful depth of knowledge; knowledge they are passionate about sharing and which enables them to challenge your students to look at history from a range of perspectives.


"The best part of the tour for me was how easy everything is made as soon as you collect your guides and how much the pupils get out of this kind of trip"

King Edward Handsworth School


"We have just received our wreath and the WW1 medicine booklets - they are absolutely fantastic! So well designed and informative and fit the course perfectly."

The Hundred of Hoo Academy


"Fantastic co-ordination and organisation. Always on hand to ensure that the trip was a memorable experience for our staff and students." 

Hall Mead School


"It has been superb  to work with Anglia again on this tour - I knew that it would, but the experience underlined the reasons why I will be more than happy to work with Anglia again."

Wellsway School


We had a wonderful experience with Anglia Tours. I would thoroughly recommend them to other schools"

Bromwood Hall Upper School


"His enthusiasm and professionalism is always first class. He engages the pupils from minute one, and he makes a real effort to learn their names and interact one-on-one. His knowledge is excellent and he always takes the time to find graves that link to the locality we come from. This makes the experience more personal for the pupils. He is a major reason I return to Anglia year on year."

The Hurst School