13 April 2020 • 5 Mins Read

10 Inspirational Instagram Accounts for Teachers

For teachers, there’s nothing less inspiring than staring at the same old classroom resources. Reams of photocopied papers are nobody’s idea of fun.

But, those on the hunt for something new and exciting for the classroom might not realise that the best bits of inspiration are just a click away. Social media platforms usually used for selfies are being turned into an endless well of inspiration and creativity for all kinds of subjects – with teachers sharing a bounty of hints, tips and resources for others to share.

Take a look at the top 10 inspirational Instagram accounts that we think all teachers should follow.

1. National Geographic (@natgeo)

Not only is this feed beautiful to look at, it also contains all kinds of useful facts and stories from cultures all around the world to generate inspiration for teachers. The National Geographic website houses lots of useful resources, maps and lesson plans for different subjects ­– from history, through to science and, of course, geography.

2. Fun, fresh ideas (@fun_fresh_ideas)

Filled with lots of lovely motivational quotes, trivia and resources, this account is a must-follow for teachers of all classes. Run by Meghan Mathis, a teacher, writer and curriculum designer, this feed is packed with lots of relatable content to keep teachers inspired with everything from Trivia Tuesdays to festive themed lesson ideas.

3. Chris Kesler (@keslerscience)

 Showing the fun side of science, Chris Kesler uses his Instagram account to showcase all kinds of fun experiments and resources, as well as tips for teaching. Get inspired with new ways to educate science classes through different experiments and learn how to visually tell the journey of scientific reactions. From inspiring students to bake their own ‘respiratory system’ cakes, to making papier mache DNA helix models.

4. Math Giraffe (@mathgiraffe)

Adding a sprinkle of creativity to the maths classroom, Math Giraffe uses different techniques to show another side to this curriculum staple, and helps students apply mathematic principles to real life scenarios. For example, how the liner equation works in a game of football team tactics! Through free resources and posts featuring equation puzzles and games, maths-themed scenarios and concept builders, you can teach your students new ways to learn.

5. Classroom Pinspirations (@classroompinspirations)

Specialising in classroom aesthetics, this account features all kinds of fun ideas for decoration and resources for teachers. Ideas to keep an eye out for include colour-coordinated organisational techniques, holiday-themed activities and interactive classroom management systems. The account is run by @weheartteaching, which also hosts an array of resources for primary school teachers.

6. Natural History Museum (@natural_history_museum)

Featuring some fascinating content from around the museum itself, this account is hub of interesting facts and photographs. There are also some great ideas for students here too (such as how to make nature journals to keep track of the wildlife they see at home), which can be brought into the classroom by teachers of history, geography and science.

7. Edutopia (@edutopia)

This non-profit organisation describes itself as having ‘Inspiration and information about what works in the classroom’. From finding responsive ways to teach about Black History Month, to encouraging Audio Learning in the classroom, this account is a goldmine for tips, resources and educational inspiration.

8. Science Museum (@sciencemuseum)

The London Science Museum Instagram account is a great source of material for teachers of a variety of subjects. Not only keeping followers up to date with what’s going on in the museum for your next school trip, it also provides educational facts, resources and profiles top scientists and their achievements to help educate science students back in the classroom.

9. TED (@ted)

Although not officially an Instagram account for teachers, TED features lots of interesting information that could influence and inspire teachers and their lesson plans. Standing for Technology, Entertainment and Design, this account also shares ideas and amazing facts about the world.

10. The Creative Classroom (@thecreativeclassroom)

This account is fantastic for any teacher with students looking to express their creative side. On their feed, The Creative Classroom provides tips and tricks to keep students engaged, whatever’s going on in the world. Ideas include how to create a routine or schedule, creative competitions between students and teachers, and exciting ways to revise during exam season.